bellspalsy (bellspalsy) wrote in smile_interuptd,

First post to smile_interrupted - hiya!

Name: Mike
Location: Seattle, Washington
Do you currently have Bell's Palsy? Yes
Did you experience any common "warning signs" before it set on? I had a headache and earache on that side for three days before it started in.
How long have you had Bell's and what percent recovered are you? It started seven days ago, and so far, it hasn't recovered a lot, but it feels like it's getting better
What treatment, if any, did you undergo/are undergoing? Prednisone and Famvir, as well as an antibiotic ointment for my eye.
How did treatment affect your condition? Hard to say, but I'm sure it's not making it worse :)
Did Bell's turn out to be a symptom of another condition? Possibly a sinus infection - I had some other odd nerve glitches in my hands and feet for the past month, and I definitely had swelling, so it may be related.
How has Bell's Palsy affected you physically in the short- and long-term? I'm wearing an eyepatch over my eye since it's not closing all the way and the ointment is making the vision blurry. Drinking is a bit odd, since I tend to dribble a bit.
How has Bell's Palsy affected you emotionally? Actually, not too bad - it looks like a mild case and I'll hopefully heal quickly, so I'm just keeping positive about that.
How were you treated by family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers once your appearance changed? Nobody's outwardly said anything, besides some pirate jokes. :)
Question for you all: Over the past few days, I've noticed that the muscles around the bottom of my jaw on the side with BP have been tender and sore - the current theory is that the muscles there are sore from overcompensating for the non-working BP-affected muscles. Anybody else experience this?
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