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Hello so glad to be part of this community

Name: Marta

Location: California

Do you currently have Bell's Palsy? I've had bells palsy three times..01/01, 12/03 and 09/05

Did you experience any common "warning signs" before it set on? numbness, and pain on right side of face.

How long have you had Bell's and what percent recovered are you? When i recover movement i'm left with some effects that i don't get back and i'm pretty sure it's pernment but i only feel people cannot tell..

What treatment, if any, did you undergo/are undergoing?Prednisone & acyclovir the first time they also gave me vol

How did treatment affect your condition? It help but i'm left with some numbness and droopiness.

Did Bell's turn out to be a symptom of another condition? No not that I know of.

How has Bell's Palsy affected you physically in the short- and long-term? I feel the distortion. When i don't have it but everybody and myself see it when i have it. But the fact that nobody feels what i'm feeling my face that is.

How has Bell's Palsy affected you emotionally?The first time i was new to this condition and never heard of this at all...and the first time it was more like open eye and numbness of the ride side of the second time was scary i didn't get no movement for a long time i thought i would stay like that pernmently and the doctor informed me that the more i got the more chance of pernment consequences =(

How were you treated by family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers once your appearance changed? Pretty much family and friends kept telling me not to stress so much. They felt bad for me. First time i got it was working 12 to 14 hours a day. Second time a dear friend pass away and third time. Just by getting depress.
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