NovScorpio (angels_breath) wrote in smile_interuptd,

Symptoms Question

Hey gang! I know we can be a pretty quiet group, but I have a question that'll maybe liven the place up a bit.

Lately, my symptoms have been pretty forthcoming. Pain, numbness, some very mild amount of delay in muscles, nothing too troublesome. But also, I've been having a LOT of headaches and migraines.

This morning, I woke up. And I had triple/quadruple vision. So I shut my eyes and opened them again, in case I was dreaming the wierd stuff. However, my daughter jumping on the bed next to me wasen't a dream, nor was the wacky vision, as I affirmed when I opened my eyes a second time. Yup, still funky. So I shut them again. Opened them... yup, still wierd. I try to look around, and hey, more fun stuff, my vision, wierd already as it was, was now jumping all over the place. Ooookay. So this time I shut them again and waited a little bit. Opened them again, still wierd, but hey, only double! So I just tried to focus carefully, and slowly, it started to clear up and all was well and returned to 'normal'.

So... anyone else have this symptom of BP's before? Maybe it's not a symptom? Something else? I dunno, so I thought I would ask. Went to the eye doctors already, my eyes are fine and my nerve is fine, from what he could see. So.. I have a call into my GP. In the meantime, I thought I would see what you fine people have to say!
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