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Life sentence

Name:  Werebittch
Location: Australia
Do you currently have Bell's Palsy? Yes
How long have you had Bell's and what percent recovered are you? 52 years - got it as a newborn
What treatment, if any, did you undergo/are undergoing? manual facial massage, muscle on 'good' side cut to weaken it (age 8), sling added to 'bad' side (age 13), weight on eyelid and stitched outer corner of eye(age 21)
How did treatment affect your condition? improved asthetics, less eye infections
How has Bell's Palsy affected you physically in the short- and long-term? speech slurred and some drooling when tired, drooping eyebrow and ear, dry eye, eye infections. Recently the 'bad' side has dropped and looks like it is melting.
How has Bell's Palsy affected you emotionally? growing up - hell. mid life - ignored it. now - scares me
How were you treated by family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers ? family and friends pretend they don't see it and wont discuss it. Acquaintances pretend they dont see it but are great at making up reasons for the look. Strangers - I work in customer service so it can sometimes be interesting how a stranger handles a crooked smile.

The look affects everyday life - there is no ignoring it as it is 'in your face' so to speak.
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