Michael Dickerson Deluno (ohanamd) wrote in smile_interuptd,
Michael Dickerson Deluno

Introducing myself

Name: Michael (ohanamd)

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Do you currently have Bell's Palsy? No. Now I have trigeminal neuralgia on the same side that I had Bell’s palsy. It’s been about 12 years since I had BP.

Did you experience any common "warning signs" before it set on? I don’t think so. I was surprised when it came on.

How long have you had Bell's and what percent recovered are you? Fully recovered from my 6-week bout with BP. However, docs have suggested that my current trigeminal neuralgia may be related to my past experience of BP.

What treatment, if any, did you undergo/are undergoing? For the BP I took Prednesone and had acupuncture.

How did treatment affect your condition? Symptoms disappeared after 6 weeks.

Did Bell's turn out to be a symptom of another condition? As I said, 12 years later I’ve developed trigeminal neuralgia. Does anyone know anything about their being related?

How were you treated by family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers once your appearance changed? Compassionately, with concern. I knew a lot of people who had had it or who had previously known someone else who had.
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